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Choose Low-Impact Exercise for Joint Health

By Jane Hart, MD

Healthnotes Newswire (March 5, 2009)—Exercise may help or harm joints damaged by osteoarthritis, but new research suggests that moderate, low-impact exercise after treating ost...

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Tummy Trouble? Probiotics May Provide Some Relief

By Jane Hart, MD

Healthnotes Newswire (January 29, 2009)—A new research review validates the benefit of using probiotics to ease the discomfort of diarrhea caused by antibiotics or infection. Read more

Green tea for weight loss?

Does Green Tea Equal a Slimmer You?
By Suzanne Dixon, MPH, MS, RD

Healthnotes Newswire (February 26, 2009)—Green tea is purported to offer a plethora of health benefits, from cance...

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